birdie monday

Monday, March 30, 2009

prior to cooper's death i never paid much attention to birds, but now they seem to be EVERYWHERE. i know that it is mainly because i am more aware of them and they have a significant meaning for me, they are my connection or life line to cooper.

this morning as i was putting on my shoes to go to the gym i looked out the window and saw the most amazing cardinal sitting in one of the evergreen trees in the backyard. i knew it was cooper telling me that he is ok and that he is with me, always. as soon as i got up, he flew away. it is moments like this that make me believe in something greater, in some higher power. and that moment will help me get through this very cold and grey monday.

and now for the newest members of coopers flock, these darling birds flew in last week from: santa barbara, ca, essex jct, vt, santa cruz, ca, alpharetta, ga and switzerland. they are just precious and are going to bring so much comfort to so many families.

and finally, i found this pillow, that i just have to have......

wishing a birdie monday.....


  1. That pillow is the best - love her Etsy shop (must resist the pull of Etsy!).

    I love your birdy updates - so amazing and inspirational. I just cast on for my first birdy yesterday. I can see the birdy creations becoming slightly addictive...

  2. Happy Birdy Monday.. :)