darkness into light

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

it feels dark today.
my mind has had a hard
time making sense of
the violence that took place
in boston yesterday.

ok, lets be honest.
the violence that seems
to happen with too
much frequency.

my thoughts are
seemingly unconnected,
but they keep bouncing
around in my mind.
so, maybe that means something.

it is easy in times
of darkness to lose faith,
to surrender to the darkness.

it is natural to shut down,
go numb, and close your heart
when the unthinkable happens.
(believe me i know)

anger is easy to embrace.
to want answers,
to want justice.
and accountability.

yes, that is part of the healing.
but it is more important
to keep the heart open.
to search for the light.

by opening up to life.
we continue to live
and it is through living
that we find healing and peace.

it is then that we
can truly come out
of the darkness so
that we can see
and experience the light.

sending lots of love light and peace to boston


Tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

* hi there

* how are you?

* I know it has been awhile.

* it was a rough winter.

* and I think the fog is starting to lift.

* I can feel spring in the air.

* I see it in brief glimpses, glimpses that give me hope.

* I battle depression on a regular basis, but it is always worse in the winter.

* this winter it was really bad, a constant struggle.

* to be honest, I had things to say and share but I just couldn't make myself write.

* but today it feels right, like I said the fog is lifting.

* what have been up to?

* well, lucends launched a wholesale line.

* I have been working with an amazing surface designer to create my own fabric line for fall.

* there have been photo shoots, design edits, meetings with my sales rep and craft show applications

* I will be a vendor at the country living fair, put on by country living magazine.

* I am beyond excited and a little bit scared.

* oh , and then there is life with a 3 year old.

* full of fun, laughter, tantrums, funny sayings, play dates and lots of poop.

* yes, we are still battling poop.

*give me strength!

* despite a rough winter, I guess I have been busy!

* but it is good to be back.

* what have you been up to?