yellow finch

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

today i saw cooper.
while i was sitting in the dentist chair.
he was outside at the bird feeder.
strategically placed in the patient's eye sight.
he was in the form of a yellow finch.
he looked like the bird recently tattooed on my wrist.

he came to me for two reasons.
one to calm my anxiety about being at the dentist.
two to tell me that the bean was just fine
at home with his uncle luke.

my brother was staying with the bean
while i went to the dentist.
bean was asleep when i left,
but i knew he would not stay asleep.
i did not want to seem nervous
about leaving him.
but i was, a little.

seeing cooper calmed me down.
i survived my cleaning.
was given a cavity free report.
uncle luke and bean did just fine.
uncle luke even changed a
poopy diaper.

i love how cooper
knows exactly when
his mama needs to see him.
its an amazing gift
he continues to give me.

tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

** 4.5 months after giving birth my hair has finally decided to shed.

** i really don't care for this process.

** we have enough loose hair lying around the house thanks to b.

** i am reading a really great book right now.

**The Zookeeper's Wife: A War Story

** i joined two virtual quilting bees over the weekend.

** i am super excited!

** my brother drove in from nc and brought me 8 cases of shiner bock beer.

** i cant tell you how HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY this makes me.

** i am working on a new quilted pillow in purple.

** it reminds me of a very good customer/friend from my yarn shop days.

** she loves purple and would buy all the purple yarn i had.

** its summer, which means my hair is in a constant ponytail and i never put on makeup.

** is this motherhood or summer?

**bean is napping better, but still fights me on it.

**i guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

** speaking of apples, the one i am eating isn't very good.

two faces

Monday, June 28, 2010

a new toy for ph

Sunday, June 27, 2010

one of the things we love about kea, greece is that the beaches are not crowded. it is not unusual to have an entire beach to yourself. or at least that used to be the case. as more and more people discover the island, more athenians buy second homes and the greek government continues to pave the roads, the beaches are becoming more populated. and lets be honest, who wants to share a beach in the Mediterranean with complete strangers.

but there are a number of beaches that can only be reached by boat. last summer we were all sitting on the beach talking about how great it would be to have a boat to go to these off the beaten path slices of heaven. of course, i was thinking how great it would be to rent a yacht and sail around. i don't think this is what my dad had in mind, so i will live out that dream in my head.

ph came home and started researching inflatable sea kayaks. after much searching he bought one. it seats two people, is coast guard approved and only weighs 26 pounds. it will fit in our suitcase. ph was like a kid on xmas morning yesterday when it arrived at our front door. so last night he and bean blew it up. he is hoping to get in it the water next weekend. 

i am excited to explore some new parts of kea with our new boat. and i am sure my dad is happy that he doesn't have to buy or rent a boat with a motor anytime soon.

branching out

Saturday, June 26, 2010

here is my latest sewing/quilting venture. i had some of that darling scarlet fig fabric leftover and thought it would be perfect for a pillow. i decided to use my501 Rotary-Cut Quilt Blocks (That Patchwork Place)as inspiration. i found a block that showcased the whimsical nature of the fabric and went to work. to be honest, i was totally winging it, which was freeing and uncomfortable at the same time. i usually have a plan when i start cutting fabric, especially fabric that i love.  but this time i just let creativity be my guide. ok, i had a rough sketch in my head.

anyway, i decided to try quilting the front all by myself. i used my walking foot and everything. it wasn't so bad. but then again the front was only 16 x 16 inches. we are not talking a whole quilt here!
i put a zipper in the back, not perfectly, but it looks pretty good. zippers are tricky little suckers.

but overall i am quite pleased with the result. i think i just might make a few more. i have fabric that would be perfect!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

today the earth shook.
it trembled.
it shook.
the whole house moved.
bean's crib vibrated.
it lasted 30 seconds.
and then it was gone.

turns out we just had an earthquake.
the epicenter was 180 miles away.
outside ottawa.
it measured 5.0 on the richter scale.
it made me very glad i don't live in a place
where earthquakes are common place.

because it was very unsettling to feel the earth move.

tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

**today, i signed bean up for stories for wee ones at our local library.

** it is 3 mondays in july.

** we walked to the library today.

** it rained on us, on our trip home.

** bean stayed dry, mom got wet.

** my wrist is quite sore today.

** still working on my liberty of london quilt.

** making good progress.

** sketched out some new designs.

** i am pretty excited about them.

** ph is walking bean around the back yard in the baby bjorn as i type.

** he is teaching him the latin names of the plants.

** it is pretty sweet.

** i am making cashew chicken for dinner.

** yummy.

** bean has been sleeping better at night.

** i think he was having a growth spurt and was simply hungry.

** i have this baby rattle on my iphone.

** bean loves it.

** i feel like i stunt his growth when i let him play with it.

** does this make me a bad mom?


Monday, June 21, 2010

today i got new ink.

ink for my sweet precious cooper.
ink to honor.
ink to remember.
ink to heal.

it is permanent.
just like his absence.
it hurts.
just like my heart.
it is swollen.
just like my eyes after shedding tears.
it has been a long time coming.
just like my healing.

it is a reminder.
that he is always with me.
that he gave me so much.
that i am lucky to have known him

and it is cathartic.

happy fathers day

Sunday, June 20, 2010

i imagine that father's day is a bitter sweet day for you..
having lost your father, and then your son..
but hopefully this father's day there is some joy...

i love watching you..
with chace..
i do not know whose eyes light up more..
who smiles the widest..
or who giggles the most..

but i do know how much love..
you have for both your sons..
that a father's love is deep..
that it is forever..
and that cooper and chace are very lucky..
to have you as their papa.

happy fathers day love!

sleep training

Friday, June 18, 2010

there are many books written on how to get your baby to sleep through the night. and there are just as many methods, but the one thing that is consistent is that the "experts" call it sleep training.  i thought this was a funny name to use, especially since the books make it seem so easy. but i am beginning to understand, getting your infant to sleep through the night is similar to training for a marathon, the same pain, the same determination, the same loss of sleep, and the same routine. the only difference being that are in shape after you complete your training to run 26.2 miles.

bean was sleeping great. he spoiled us. comparatively speaking he is still a good sleeper. he has just decided to wake up twice a night. this does not make ph happy. and well, i am not much help after taking tylenol pm so i can sleep, so ph is on his own. last night i thought i would listen to the "experts" and change the routine. bad move. he was incredibly cranky today.

lesson learned. my sleep training method is to try to have the same routine, but go with the flow. as a dear friend of mine reminded me today "everything at this stage is a phase, it will change soon enough. although some days i think running that marathon might be easier than sleep training.

tuesday tidbits (on wednesday)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

** i just returned from the dentist.

** i had a cavity.

** my mouth is very numb and i am STARVING.

** this is not a good combination.

**when i got home, the new collection of heather ross far far away 2 was waiting for me.

** i love it.

** i am thinking about entering this show.

** but doubt my abilities.

** thoughts?

**i finished The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest. awesome!

**don't know what to read next.

** the bean has returned to napping.

**yay bean!

** this makes for a happy bean and happy mama.

**toast is my new favorite catalog.

**sugarland was awesome. made me miss texas.

**the thought has crossed my mind about moving back.

**if i could convince ph, of course.

**no, athena i have not made up my mind.

** i am going to try to drink diet coke with a straw.

** don't you wish you could see that?

bean needs a daiper

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

we interrupt our regularly scheduled blog post to bring you this tale from the front line of parenthood.

ph has taken over the evening bean duties. he bathes him, feeds him, puts him to bed, and gets up with him in the middle of the night. i love ph for this act of kindness. he has learned that i do not function well on no sleep and am liable to leave the bean in wegmans if i am sleep deprived. we have a good routine going and bean seems to be happy with our division of labor.

last night was like any other evening on newberry lane, with the the one exception that we were a bit tired due to our adult night out sunday evening. so needless to say, we were looking forward to going to bed and hoping that the bean would sleep extra long. well.... this was not to be.

to start things off, the alarm clock went off at 12:01. ph thought it was the monitor and tried to turn it off. when this did not stop the blaring beeping noise that woke us from a deep slumber, he asked me to fix it. so i got out of bed and turned off the alarm clock. what i did not know was that ph was successful in turning off the monitor. we both fell back asleep and the next thing i knew, ph was flying out of bed and the door. i could hear bean screaming. i gave him a moment and then went in to see what the ruckus was about. ph had this bewildered look on his face. bean was soaking wet, not a little wet from drool, he was soaked. i looked at the bed and the sheet was wet. i asked what was going on, ph looked at me with this sheepish look and said he forgot to put a diaper on when he was getting him ready for bed. well, i lost it. i was laughing so hard i also peed myself.  he looks at me and says, you are going to blog about this arent you? you better believe it love.

so there we were at 2 am changing sheets and clothes. so much for a peaceful night.

tuesday tidbits can be read tomorrow.

dear chace

Monday, June 14, 2010

dear sweet chace,

today marks your 4th month of life and to celebrate it we are going to the doctor. sorry bean.

you are changing and growing at a rapid pace. you seem to discover something new about your world daily. and i love watching you marvel at your discoveries. you recently found your feet, which give you hours of amusement. i am waiting for you to try to get them in your mouth. you continue to put everything in your mouth, but my favorite is seeing you simultaneously suck your thumb and your cashmere blanket. i do believe that you are the drooliest baby ever. i can only imagine what it will be like when you are teething. just last week you laughed. a good belly laugh. it was the sweetest sound i have ever heard and it made me cry.  i look forward to each day with you and seeing what you will discover next.

like your mama, you like books. we have spent many hours on the floor reading. i cant wait until you are old enough to read the chronicles of narnia, my absolute favorites when i was young. in recent days, you have returned to napping, but not without a fight. it is quite the process to get you to go to sleep, but eventually you oblige. this makes you a much  happier baby. you continue to sleep well at night.

in this past month you travelled on an airplane to see your yaya and pappous. what an adventure that was, chace. we spent two and a half weeks in santa fe where you met most of your texas relatives, the wallace side of the family. after flying with you, we decided you need your own seat when we travel to greece in september. i think this will be best for all of us.

your papa and i are settling into parenthood. we can spend hours watching you. you continue to be our greatest joy and greatest creation.

happy 4th month chace!


oh liberty

Friday, June 11, 2010

if i were to travel to london in the near future, i would visit the liberty of london store and spend way too much money on fabric. their fabric is the expensive kind, but i do love it.  i was lucky enough to receive a gift card to purlsoho for my birthday. i immediately ordered some liberty of london in shades of pink for my next quilt.  i decided to use a block that showcases the fabric. these are some of my favorites. the question is, how big do i make it?

tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

** bean is currently napping in his car seat.

** he is snoring quite loudly.

** i take this as a hopeful sign that he might sleep for a while.

** bean applied for his passport today.

** both of his parents had to be physically present in order to process the application.

** this is so one parent doesn't steal take bean to europe without the other parent's knowledge.

** don't worry state department, there is no way i would fly to greece with a 7 month old without ph as backup.

**i finally updated the etsy shop.

** have a few more things to put up there.

**i am 1 pound away from being at my pre-baby weight.

** when i say pre-baby, i mean both the babies.

**ph has been working very hard lately and very late.

** this makes for long days when a certain 4 month old doesn't like to nap.

** i am going to the eye dr on friday.

** i fear i need bifocals.

** if so, does this mean i am getting old?

** we are going to see sugarland this weekend.

** a real grown up night out.

** bailey has figured out that his bark collar is NOT the invisible fence collar.

** this means that he has lost his outside privileges, because he wanders the neighborhood.

** bean is no longer sleeping soundly.

** wishful thinking on my part.


Monday, June 7, 2010

cooper has been on my mind lately.

it feels different. its not this gut wrenching ache. not an earth shattering chasm in my soul. nor is it a sadness that just wont dissipate. its a new feeling. a feeling of immense gratitude and thanks. sure i miss him and will always wonder why we had to feel such pain, carry such a burden and cry so many tears. i will always wonder what might have been, who he would have been and how he would have left his mark.

lately, when i think about cooper throughout my day, i think of the many gifts he has given me: new friends. old friends. a deeper appreciation of family. an opportunity to help others through coopers flock. the opportunity to give the gift of sight to two children who might never have seen the sun rise or set. a stronger connection with my husband. an understanding of what it means to live in the moment. the knowledge that i am a survivor and have strength i never knew i possessed. i see birds in a new way. the understanding that connections exist after life, i feel his presence daily. and sweet chace who i fall more in love with each day.

cooper gave me so much. my life is fuller because him. i am a better friend, spouse, mother and daughter thanks to him. in many ways i know exactly who he was and how he left his mark, all i have to do is look at the gifts he has given me.

new crush

Saturday, June 5, 2010

i have a new crush. no, not that kind of crush.

i have discovered a new app for my iphone.  hipstamatic.  i am in love. i am in awe. i love the vintage, rugged and grungy look. and it only costs $1.99. a real bargain

there are several different lenses and types of film you can use, adding to its charm.

did i mention i am in love?

bean and sofie

Friday, June 4, 2010

never in a million years did i think that bean would love sofie as much as he does. in case you were not aware, Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether, Brown/ White is the number one baby shower gift. i just so happened to receive sofie as a gift before bean was born and to be honest i didn't understand what all the fuss was about.  i mean its a rubber giraffe that squeaks, or at least that is what i thought.

bean LOVES sofie. she lets me bang her around, slobber on her, chew on her, squeeze her and snuggle her. we don't go anywhere without sofie.  or for that matter his cashmere blanket.

or not...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

yesterday afternoon, bean and i were playing in his room, reading stories and enjoying tummy time, when i had this thought, today will be the day that we make the move to cloth diapers. there was no real reasoning behind it.  i noticed earlier in the day that we were getting low on diapers and bean had had his  daily poop that morning. so why not try it now, i thought to myself. so, i grabbed a bum genius diaper out of the closet and put it on bean. so far, so good.

i was feeling pretty good about myself and how we were helping the environment with this diapering decision. thirty minutes later, we are sitting downstairs waiting for ph to get home from work when bean makes a face i know too well ( see picture above). it is the poop face. no, no, no, i say out loud. you were not supposed to poop in the cloth diapers, only pee in them! see my thought process was since bean poops every morning after he eats, i could use the cloth diapers after that point and never really have to deal with a poopy diaper in my washing machine. so much for my thought process. before i knew what hit me, bean had filled the diaper to the brim.

luckily, ph was pulling in the drive way just as bean was finishing up his business. i promptly walked outside, told ph about the switch and handed the bean over to his papa for diaper duty. we weren't really sure how the whole poop mixed with cloth diaper was going to work. ph tried to wash it out by pouring water on it, but that made the whole situation worse. we both looked at each other and ph said, "i think this maybe more trouble than its worth." besides he said, "we can find another way to help the environment."

so, with one poopy diaper our adventure in cloth diapers came to a screeching halt. i felt guilty for a brief moment, but was secretly relieved i didn't have to do more loads of laundry.

inspired reading

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

while i was in santa fe my mom got me some new quilting books. they helped keep my creativity flowing while i was away. i thought i would share them with you. hopefully they will inspire your creativity as well.

from top to bottom: Little Birds: 26 Handmade Projects to Sew, Stitch, Quilt & Love (Design Collective),Pretty Little Mini Quilts (Pretty Little Series)Pretty Little Pillows (Pretty Little Series)The Gentle Art of Quiltmaking: 15 Projects Inspired by Everyday Beauty, and 501 Rotary-Cut Quilt Blocks (That Patchwork Place).

tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

** first thing, the winner of the purlbee calendar giveaway is kassia. hooray! send me an email with your shipping info and i will get it in the mail.

**i am settling back into a routine which is nice.

** bean has decided he is too old to take naps.

** i disagree and continue to try to get him to nap.

** hopefully this is just a phase.

** i even bought the nap nanny, well yaya and pappous bought it, and he wont nap in that either.

** i have been spit up on more times than i care to count the last 2 days.

** i started a new quilt using liberty of london fabric.

** i love it!

** i am regretting my decision to purchase a modern, cool looking chair for the nursery.

** i have been spending alot of time in that chair and my butt hurts.

** i am reading the girl who kicked the hornet's nest.

** it is awesome!

** it has been VERY hot and humid here in new york.

** this is not awesome.

** bean rolled over in his sleep last night.

**i have 3 more pounds to lose.

** i am going to try to get the etsy shop updated this week.

** this is dependent on bean and his willingness to sleep.