there are 19 in the flock

Saturday, March 21, 2009

i have knit 19 birds for my cooper and with each stitch that i knit, my heart mends just a little.

i just LOVE the colors, makes me feel like spring has sprung.

i just love these birdies, dont you?


  1. Your flock looks wonderful! I'm working on mine too and have almost finished 21. My little tree
    is getting heavy with all our little stitched
    birds, but I think my heart is getting lighter
    as I stitch for you, Cooper and other children.

    SG (

  2. Luc...I love the beautiful birdies....and the colors...but what I love and hold dear to my heart is that with each mend a little...Nonnie always said when I was learning to sew and had to rip out alot...Offer each stich to God and by the time I was finished...I would be a better person...I love you bunches...Mom

  3. I can't wait to learn the business of knitting so that I can add to Coopers little flock right along with you! I want so badly to contribute.

    Here is to Hope and Healing.

    <3 sarasophia

  4. They look beautiful Lucinda! -Alicia

  5. Hello, I will email to get the pattern. Cooper was a gorgeous little boy. No words just (((HUGS)))). I love the photos of the birds, your knitting and your little boy.

  6. Sun shining on your bush filled with expressions of love for Cooper and healing for you.
    My yarn has come...I'm ready to knit Cooper's birds too!
    Walking the path with you, Dee

  7. I do love the birds Lucinda. I am not a knitter, but sent your blog to some friends who knit in Washington and Detroit. Perhaps they will make it to you and join Cooper's colorful flock... just in time for spring.
    -sara oliveiri

  8. Oh, they're wonderful! I've started my birds- 2 done now! :)

  9. Love the flock, Lucinda! I just got the yarn you sent me a few days ago (part of the contest from Susan B Anderson's blog), and finally had the chance to open it. I'm really looking forward to knitting with it (its soooo soft and yummy!) and creating some sweet birdies of my own.

  10. I love the photograph with the bright birds in a winter tree. so beautiful and symbolic.

  11. I am just curious how many Bailey wants to eat? They look so yummy!