tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

** it has been a while since i have written tuesday tidbits

** i have missed it.

** it is hot here today.

** i understand that i have turned into a wimp when it comes to the heat.

** but 95 and no ac is a little much.

** it is raining now, so that should help.

** chace has 7 more days of school.

** how is it summer already?

** i am still working on updating the shop.

** it is my least favorite thing to do.

** the pool club is open.

** this makes the heat more tolerable.

** i am excited to watch the hatfield and mccoy mini series on the history channel.

** every morning a new oriental poppy opens.

** every morning chace picks them.

** today there were three, we took them to school.

** i discovered skinny girl cocktails over the weekend.

** love them.

**  could be my favorite summer drink.

** remember the headbands they sold at jcrew a couple of years ago?

** they stopped making them

** i live in them in the summer and they are perfect for yoga!

** so i made a bunch over the weekend.

** ok, the sewing machine is calling.

** happy tuesday.


a keepsake

Saturday, May 26, 2012

it is no secret around this blog
that i am a purger, 
and do not tend to exhibit hoarding tendencies.
ok, maybe with fabric and yarn.

there is something very cathartic
about purging, getting rid of the clutter
and stuff you just dont need.

i have not kept many of chace's baby clothes.
i sent them all to my nephew,
but even if i did not have someone to pass them
down to, i know i would not have kept them.

i mean, let's be honest.
chace does not want a box of his clothes
to put his child in 30 something
years from now.

but he might want a quilt
made from those clothes. 
a keepsake to pass on to future generations
that is actually useful and does not cause clutter.

the above quilt was made for valerie's 
daugther gianna.
she asked me a few months ago, if i could
make a quilt out of her clothes.
of course i said yes.

i have seen other quilts made out of clothes,
but they seemed disjointed, random.
there was no connection between the clothes used.

i knew that i wanted mine quilt
to look different, 
to stand out,
to be unique.

i solved this by using a group of fabrics 
to tie the pieces of clothing together.
the center of each square is the detail
that valerie wanted to keep.

i think my favorite is gianna's footprints
taken after she was born 
and put on her father's scrubs.
( he is an ED doctor).

i loved making this quilt.
it turned out much better 
than i imagined.
now i need to make one for chace.

oh, and if you would like 
your own keepsake quilt
i am now taking orders.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

just simply lovely.

austin happenings

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

testing the cookies with pappou at Renegade Craft Fair

playing with yaya at Phils's before lunch

salt lick with uncle kuka 

birds and ms. ginny's and mr sonny's house

snow cone at zilker park

train ride at zilker park with pappou


tacos at the trailer park eatery

new friends

add it to my bucket list

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

for the past year or more
our zoo has been constructing 
a new exhibit.
one that will showcase
lions, elephants and baboons.

we have watched the construction
from a distance.
we have talked about the animals 
that were going to live there.
we have eagerly anticipated 
the opening.

the day is here, 
it officially opens on thursday
but they had a preview party this evening
for penguin circle members.

chace was so excited about 
going to the zoo
and seeing the new animals.
ph met us there after work,
we took in the new exhibit,
ate dinner and enjoyed some family time.

the lions were by far my favorite.
they are amazing creatures.
i think i may be smitten.
so much so that i have added going 
on a safari to my bucket list.

stitched by mothers

Sunday, May 13, 2012

remember this baby quilt?
it was mine when i was little.
my mom made it for me.
it was loved and worn,
the way a baby quilt should be.

mom brought it to me 
after chace was born.
i had the crazy idea to take it apart
and recreate it into another quilt.

mom looked at me like 
i was a little crazy,
but she sat up at night and carefully
ripped it apart stitch by stitch.

i had a vision.
i could see the new quilt in my mind.
so i set about gathering fabric, 
cutting fabric and sewing
lots of stitches.

it took me two years
to complete.
but it is finished 
and it is so gratifying 
to see my vision turned into a new quilt.

as i was sewing the binding on
i realized that i needed to send the quilt
to my mom for mothers day.

i never knew how much love
a mother has for her child
until i became one myself.
the love that my mother poured
into that quilt for a me before i was born
is abundantly clear to me 39 years later.

giving her the quilt 
was an acknowledgement of that love.
as well, as the unconditional love that
she has shown me.
i know that i am the person, wife and mother
that i am because of her.

i was not the easiest child to raise, much less love.
i now understand how deeply i hurt her at times, 
that is something that doesn't sit well with me,
but i am able to accept it because of her love.

happy mother's day mom!

tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

** happy tuesday everyone!

** i had an awesome yoga practice this evening.

** i am sewing sewing sewing.

** we leave for austin a week from thursday.

** i am super excited.

** this weekend we are going to toronto.

** remember when i won a photo session with blue lily photography?

** well it is finally time to collect.

** i can not wait.

** i love their photos.

** sunday is mother's day.

** it is a bittersweet day for me.

** and to be honest i dont like a big fuss made if it.

** it just tugs at my heart to much.

** i am going on a yoga retreat in mexico next march.

** beyond excited.

** happy 40th bday to me.

** (next year that is).

** i am sad that the voice is ending to night.

** we are entering the time of year that i call bad tv time.

** ph is making pizza.

** it is tuesday ya'll.

the body speaks

Sunday, May 6, 2012

my body speaks to me often,
but the majority of the time
i do not listen.

i am driven.
truth be told,
i like having a lot
on my plate.

i dont know where
the drive comes from,
i do come by it honestly.
my mother is the same way.

sometimes it is just who i am
that keeps me pushing ahead.
other times it is my ego.
the voice that says,
you can juggle it all.

my body knows best.
it gets angry when i dont listen to it.
it retaliates
usually in the form of sickness.
( like it is now)

today in church,
(aka sunday morning yoga)
we focused on listening
to our body.
one breath at a time.

class was not easy.
erica designed it this way
to see if we would really listen
and be honest with what our body was saying.

it was hard
but i moved through class
one breath at a time.
i realized that i am stronger than i think.

the question is always
can i take my practice of the mat?

i have a ton of work to do
before i leave for austin.
but i was so tired today.
so when chace went down
for a nap.

instead of ignoring what
my body was telling me,
i listened and took a rest.
i was rewarded by a productive afternoon.

i need to listen to my body more often.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

after what seems an eternity,
we were able to spend
the majority of the day outside.

we ate lunch outside.
we looked for frogs.
we walked in the mulch.
we swung.

we picked dandelions
from the neighbors yard.
lots of dandelions.
we found worms.

we ran.
we played catch.
we mowed the lawn.
we were outside.

and it was glorious!

Tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

* I am writing this post from my new iPad.

 * i am smitten!!

 * all of my apple devices are talking to each other.

 * did I mention that I am smitten?

 * today is ph's birthday.

 * happy birthday ph!

 * I love you more than you can imagine!

 * chace still has a virus.

 * I am so ready for warm weather.

 * I think the rest of this week should be warmer.

 * tonight yoga was like an old friend.

 * one that knows you better than you you know yourself

 * and accepts you for who you are.

 * it was just the practice that I needed tonight.

 * and with that, I am saying goodnight.

 * happy Tuesday everyone!