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Monday, March 9, 2009

the good is beautiful -plato

and you dear readers and fellow bloggers are the good! i have been overwhelmed by your kind words, well wishes, and willingness to honor my cooper and help other children and their families by contributing to coopers flock. i am in awe! i am in awe!

it has been almost two years since i closed my knitting shop. and almost that long since i have been an active part of the knitting community, i have been watching on the sidelines until last week, when this blog became a reality. today i am reminded of why community is so important to ones' survival. its the people we meet, the stories we share, the lives we touch and the things we create that connect us all, make us better people, make us love more deeply and live more passionately. you all have moved me, given me hope and made me so proud. and for that i thank you!

the good is beautiful. you are the good!

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  1. You don't know me, but through the miracles of 'blogland' I have discovered you through Susan B. Anderson's blog. I was so touched after reading about 'Cooper's Flock' on her blog that I knew I just had to get involved.
    I am so sorry for your deep loss. There are no words that one can say to lessen the pain of losing someone so precious. We can only be there for support listen help. So I would love to make a birdie or two for Little Cooper. Could you please email me the info @

    And remember that angel wings surround you and that Little Cooper is there among them.