sweet surprise

Thursday, March 26, 2009

when i opened the mailbox yesterday i was surprised to find a sweet little package from my great aunt virginia in austin. it feels a little odd to say great aunt, because she has always been aunt virginia to me and doesn't feel like a "great aunt", but if you want to get technical about our relationship..... it is great aunt. anyway in this envelope was the sweetest letter, a cd of music, a beautiful picture of daffodils and some poems. and i have to tell you dear readers they really were the most perfect poems. so perfect and fitting, that i knew i had to share this one with you.....


loss of a loved one
is not like a dropped stitch...
more like a hole
in a favorite sweater.

knitting, we'd rip back,
pick up the dropped stitch,
making the pattern come out all right,
but a hole
in a favorite sweater just comes.

should we discard the garment,
buy something new? should we
wear the hole proudly for
others to see? or
pull threads together with small
steady stitches,
mending the damage carefully...

but the memory of that place will stay,
never completely
go away.

this poem explains so perfectly what coopers flock is doing for my heart, mending it stitch by stitch. thank you aunt virginia for that bit of hope you sent in the mail and thank you to all you dear readers who are helping to mend my heart by being part of coopers flock.


  1. Luc...What a wonderful lesson that Aunt "Gina" wrote about...She is one that has had a hard time with growing up...But is always so loving...She has always seen the glass half full...We can surely learn a lesson from her...it is called love...I am glad that you have loving extended family...Love...Mom

  2. Thanks for the image in the poem your great aunt sent.
    Have a good early spring day.

  3. Thanks for sharing the lovely images in your aunt's poem. I will copy it out and save it for times when I feel the hole in my sweater (heart).

  4. your blog is beautiful. it has helped me in ways that i can't explain. thank you for sharing your healing with the world.