will spring please stand up?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the calendar says its spring, but it certainly doesn't feel like spring. at least it didn't until i found these spring flowers in wegmans on monday.

i absolutely LOVE ranuculus. i believe that these little flowers are a complete oxymoron. they both complex and simple, strong and fragile and fleeting and enduring. it amazes me that this little flower can be so many things.

i am always asking my precious husband if we can plant them in the yard. he tells me that they don't grow well in the zone we live in and that even if they did he would not want them in the yard. i told you he think bulbs are fussy, well annuals they shouldn't even exist. my precious husband is a practical man thus believing that annuals are a complete waste of time and more importantly money. believe me, our yard is stunning in the height of summer, when plants, flowers and grasses are at their best, but my precious husband believes that what one pants in their yard should come back year to year, thus saving time and money.

so i will just have to cherish my time with this spring flower for the few weeks a year that wegmans carries it in the flower department.

oh, and if you want to know more about the vase. check out my talented mama.


  1. wow. what a beautiful person you are. i'm happy you emailed me so i could read about your journey. i am sorry for your loss and i know those words don't do much, but i ache for your pain and believe with all my heart that you will be with him forever. your family can be eternal. i believe he will be waiting for you in heaven and hopefully that gives you a bit of strength.

    bless you.

  2. beautiful flowers and vase - I just got a pre-planted bulb garden last week and have been enjoying watching all the flowers come up (no ranuculus, though - don't think they grow well in our zone either). I'll take any bit of spring I can right now - we have snow flurries today!

  3. What a gorgeous vase and flowers! They do make
    it feel like spring. We've been enjoying lots
    of daffodils here and would love to have seen
    those you planted.Thanks for the link to your
    mom's website - I hadn't seen in in a while.
    See you next week!!


  4. Beautiful flowers (and vase!) I live in the 'woods', so most of my flowers come in vases too....except right now, thank god for crocuses, daffodils and tulips. The deer like tulips too, so it's iffy whether they live to bloom or not.
    Keep on blogging. I love reading it!

  5. Hello Lucinda, I love ranuculus too. So nice flowers in cottage gardens. The vase is wonderful - greatings to your mom. Kind regards from Germany Birgit