Dear Chace

Thursday, February 14, 2013

My dear sweet Chace

Happy birthday!

Today you turned 3.
I can't believe it
Has been three years since
You showed us the meaning of love.

This past year
You have come into your own
Become your own person.

You are sweet and funny
You are smart and very precocious
You have an imagination that astounds me.
And you are very stubborn.
( but you come by that very honestly)

You love trains and robots.
You have a tremendous knowledge of animals
You love books and could spend hours reading.
Like, your father you love to be outdoors.

You are extremely social
And have many friends.
Playdates are your favorite
And you look forward to them.

It has been so much fun to watch
You grow and learn and laugh.
Parenting is by far the hardest thing I have ever done
But it is without a doubt the best thing I have ever done.

It is an honor and joy to be your mama.
I love you more than you will ever know.
Happy third birthday sweet boy

Your mama


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I am one of the room mothers
For Chace's class at school.
I am also the co-chair of
This years fundraising auction for the school.

Each class creates a project to auction off.
The room mothers are in charge of organizing this task.
Since I am a room mom and can sew.
Guess what that means?

Yep. You guessed it.
Chace's class project is a quilt!
My thought was to give each child
A white square of fabric, have them draw a letter of the alphabet
And then have them draw items that start with that letter.

I will then sew the blocks together
And appliqué fabric letters in each block.
I think it will work.
Or at least I hope it will work.

Yesterday was the day
That we created the drawing on the blocks.
We heard some awesome things from the children.


" I play a angry birds so I am going to draw a red bird"

" my brother is going to be so surprised to see me"

" my mom is really good at drawing penguins"

" I don't know how to draw"

And my personal favorite:

" when my mom gets nervouse she chews her hair"

I am sure the parents of these children
Would be thrilled to know what their kids
Were sharing with the room moms while drawing.

Note to self: maybe I should always be the room mom!

A breakthrough

Sunday, February 10, 2013

I hesitate to say this out loud
But I think we have turned a corner
In the potty training department.

Over the Christmas holiday
Chace started telling us when he had
To pee, but the pooping department
Has been a struggle to say the least

Ok, let's be honest
I was a full on battle of wills
He knew it was important to us
So he refused to go anywhere but his underwear.

We even made him clean
His poopy underwear in a bucket 
Of water with gloves in the basement
This did not phase him one bit.

Talk about hardheaded
I don't know where he gets that from!

Then something happened on Wednesday
He started telling us when he had to poop!
I didn't want to get my hopes up.
But since Wednesday all poop has gone
Where it belongs, the toilet.

I am hopeful we have turned the corner.
Ok, beyond hopeful.
The breakthrough over the holidays
Was preceded by two days of absolutely horrible behavior.
We survived two days of such behavior this week.

Fingers crossed people
Fingers crossed!