we are off....

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

our bags are packed.
packed full of clothes, swimsuits and sunscreen.
full of books, formula, and toys.
full of sea kayaks, strollers and backpacks.
if we forgot it, well we don't need it.

this is our first family vacation.
ph and i have talked about this moment
for a long time.
before we were married,
before cooper,
before chace,
before we were a family.

i am so looking forward to our time away.
to seeing the journey through my son's eyes.
to watching him discover this new place
that is so dear to our hearts.

i will post pictures along the way
so that you feel like you are with us.
until then.....



  1. YAY! Have lots of fun and travel safe. What an exciting experience for all of you!

  2. happy trails! i will be back to see pics!