they thought they knew....

Thursday, September 30, 2010

when my parents found out that they were going to be grandparents, they were excited, but they did not think that it would be life changing. my parents have a great life, they live in a beautiful part of the country, they travel alot, sometimes for months at a time, they can do what they want when they want. and they like that. i can remember my mom saying that they were excited about having a grandchild, but they were still going to live their life, their world was not going to revolve around my child, and they were just fine living some 2000 miles away from said child. boy were they wrong!

my parents are absolutely over the moon. they think chace is the best thing since sliced bread! they felt the same way about cooper, and i think that his loss affects how they see chace, as well. they love him more, cherish him more, spoil him more, because cooper's loss hurt them deeply, in ways that i hope i will never experience. they grieved for their grandchild, but they also had to watch their first born hurt, something no parent wants to see.

they want to be where chace is, they want to know what he is doing, every little detail is important. my dad shows his patients pictures of chace on his iphone and lights up in a way i have never seen at the very mention of "the boy." i don't think that my parents loved me or my my brothers less, but the love they have for chace is more "pure."with grandchildren there are no expectations, no disappointments, no wondering if you made the right parenting decision, or if  they are going to need years of therapy. it is unconditional love in the purest sense.

now that my parents have been proven wrong about life as a grandparent. they are on a quest to get us to move to santa fe. there are some appealing aspects to this proposition: sun, blue skies, warmer winters, the mountains, skiing, lots of opportunities for ph to make money and the food, but there are some downsides. and there is an inordinate amount of financial risk. we do talk about it, but i think it is only talk.

but then again, i said this to ph as he was getting out of bed this morning ( i was sound asleep), " call me if you go to santa fe."

i wonder what that means....


  1. Talk sometimes turns into reality....i.e. move to SF after kids leave for not one but 2 houses in Greece....and the list goes on...sometimes if we speak of it...REALITY.....xoxo

  2. Yeah, I'm with Yaya. We talked about moving to Austin. Talked and talked about it for two years. Would we? Could we? Should we? Then, all of the sudden an opportunity stared us in the face. And we had to act.

    All I can say is...

    "Hook 'em."

    I vote Santa Fe. I would see you more.. LOTS more.


  3. 1st Uncle's Top 10 List to stop talking crazy:

    10: There is only good snow every 4 seasons!
    9: Santa Fe Drivers
    8: Replace Wegmans with Whole Foods/Albertons? Where is your loyalty!
    7: Crime Rate . . . they dont make VW bulletproof!
    6: Education . . . hello Home School!
    5: Airport is an hr away in Crime-A-QUE!
    4: Baby modeling agencies only look in the East!
    3: Add two more flights to get back from Greece
    2: 6 Letter Word - HOCKEY! I hear they have good scholarships for team roping!
    1: You cant just by pass TEXAS! YOUR A TEXAN, DONT FORGET!

  4. I LOVE Santa Fe...I hear they are Longhorn fans there as heck with the Lobos! There are some great yarn shops there! And a really cool new sewing niche in Albuquerque...or what did the other person say: Crime-a-quer-que..pretty good.

  5. ok...I have been lurking here for awhile (found your blog on another post I read) and I just need to ask....does the bean have any other grandparents (does ph have any parents?) and where did the famous singing dog "B" go when you went to Greece ?