Thursday, September 16, 2010

now that we have recovered from jet lag and re-entry into our life in new york, i can share some of the thoughts about our trip with you. they have been bouncing around in my head for a few days now.

** i packed WAY more formula and diapers than i needed.  i was certain that the bean was not going to go hungry or be short on diapers. when i say too much, i mean 3 cans too much.

**people are not nice when they realize they have to sit near a baby. but are very nice when the flight is over and said baby was well behaved.

** there is nothing more irritating than having someone else's screaming child wake up your sleeping child.

**i understand why my parents took "children free" vacations. vacation with a child is not really a vacation, your life just moved to another location.

** being flexible with the schedule is ok when  away from home, as long as you keep the bed time the same, everything else falls in place.

** there is such joy in watching grandparents with their grandchildren. truly magical

** chace loved the water. i do not think that next year we will be able to keep him out of it.

** he is much like his mom and doesnt like to go to bathroom on travel days.

** no matter how prepared you think you are, you always forget something. i forgot burp cloths and suppositories for chace.

** this resulted in using the greek version which was like trying to put a gummy worm up chace's rear. not pretty.

** there were moments at the beach, when it was calm and still, that i missed cooper, felt his presence, shed tears and my heart ached for him.

**i am happy to report that chace is a good traveller. it is a must in my family.

** the need to get as tan as human possibly disappears when you have children with you at the beach.

** next year we are staying longer. like 3 weeks longer. even if we have to go with out ph for a while.

** the red tape that exists in greece never ceases to amaze me, however i was able to get my knitting needles through security this year.

** i feel incredibly blessed that we get to spend time in such a magical place every summer.

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