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Thursday, September 2, 2010

the summer of 2010.

hello. i'm marta from and i am super thrilled to be guest blogging in lucinda's pretty space here in blogland. now that august is officially over, i thought i ought to write a little list of what this summer was all about for me. i hope you too will be motivated to jot down your own feelings about summer 2010. all you need is a few minutes to jot down the first few thoughts that come as you look back on these last sunny months. what places, foods, people, vacations come to mind? what were your days filled with? document the details. here we go. a glance at my list...

2010 // it was the summer of..

splitting baskets of fresh fruit with friends.
free samples & fresh flowers at the farmer's market.
discovering that rainier cherries are better than bing.

the 'cars' movie and scattered wooden railroad tracks.
going to the zoo and going to zumba class.
hot griddle pancakes, saturday smoothies and reading The Help.

happiness, excitement & anticipation.
worry, grief, disappointment, loss. heartbreak.
holding close, wondering about the future.

kindness, hope & friendship.
strength, prayer & more hope.
long walks, naps and sudden craft projects.

house guests & homemade pizzas & healing.
handcranked ice cream with experimental ingredients.
huckleberry picking, birthday parties & camp outs.

carsten's bakery cream cheese brownies.
storytime, road construction & sidewalk chalk.
sun valley road trip & the Blue Angels air show  

sunshine & thunderclouds, matching my own moods.
drive-by photo shoots, a new camera and favorite flip flops.
loads of good mail, keeping in touch with friends (old and new).

thank you, lucinda! 
xo. marta


  1. So inspiring! I just had to give it a go too :)

  2. I'll put mine here.
    2010 was the summer of:

    A move. A big one.
    New friends.
    Old friends.

    Heat like I have never known.
    First steps.
    First teeth.

    A house filled with laughter of

    New jobs.
    New adventures.

    A book about a vampire.

    A vineyard worth of Pinot Noir.
    Yards and yards of fabric.

    And okay, fine.
    A little bit of yarn.

    Oh, and laundry.
    and oodles
    and bunches
    of laundry.