tuesday tidbits on wednesday

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

** we are finally settling back into our normal routine.

**it is great to go away, but always so good to be home.

** fall is in the air and i love it so.

** i created a sewing schedule for the next 9 weeks, so that i can get ready for the rmsc holiday bazaar.

** now only if the bean will cooperate and nap.

** i am so happy that football is in full swing.

** and am looking forward to watching college football on saturday.

** bean has started with solid foods.

** why do they call them solid, when clearly they are not?

** he is not entirely sure how he feels about them.

** bean suddenly has no clothes.

** ok he does, but he has outgrown a lot of them so his closet looks empty.

** i realize that the degree of fullness was obscene for a child so small.

** needless to say, we are going shopping today for some new threads.

**8 days until athena and stella arrive.

** must go sew.

** i am a one woman sweat shop for the next 9 weeks.

** have a good day.

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