tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

** i am eating grits leftover from last night's dinner.

** i heart grits.

** they are the ultimate comfort food.

** chace has figured out how to stick his finger in his nose.

** he is fond of doing this while eating.

** i have to return the fancy sewing machine we borrowed from the quilt shop.

** i do NOT want to give it back.

** chace is currently sitting up in his crib.

** i am pretending he is not awake, so i can enjoy my grits.

** i think that i got athena addicted to diet coke and pumpkin scones.

** she got me hooked on the word "hot dish"

** sewing sewing sewing for the holiday bazaar.

** the weather man used the word " lake effect" when forecasting the weekend weather.

** i will share pics from the weekend, later in the week.

** they are so cute.

** chace will be ignored no more.

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