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Thursday, September 9, 2010

next up: allison from the adventures of bean and goobs.

Friday afternoon Mommy came up with a really great idea. Bean had been asking about camping lately, and Mommy thought it would be great if Bean and Daddy camped out in the backyard. When Daddy came home from work on Friday, she ran the idea past him.

Mommy: "So, I was thinking, maybe you and Bean want to camp out in the backyard on Saturday night. He would love it."

Daddy: (Thinks for a moment) "Sure, I guess that would be fun. Do you think he'll actually do it?"

Mommy: "We'll just tire him out really well. As long as you are out there, I think he will be fine."

Daddy: (Looking a little skeptical) "OK. Sure. I guess."

Mommy and Daddy run the idea past Bean and he very, very excited. So excited that he asks to make a list of all of the things that are needed for camping. He doesn't want to forget anything seeing is how he is so far away in the back yard and all.

Saturday evening arrives. Bean and Daddy get the tent set up, sleeping bags unrolled and pillows set. Bean's usual bed time is 7:00. They let him stay up until 8:00. It is still light outside.

Daddy: (As he gets into the tent with Bean, the thought is just now occurring to him that he is going to have to go to sleep at 8:00 p.m.) "Hey, it's still light out. What am I going to do out here? I don't think I can go to sleep this early."

Mommy: (Zips up the tent super quick as if that could keep them both in there) "I'll run and get you a book. You can read with the flashlight on."

Mommy knows that Beans obsession with flashlights is going to be a problem and will probably only keep Bean awake longer, but, as she goes into the house to get Daddy his book, she listens to the sound of absolute quiet. Goobs is fast asleep upstairs in his crib. Daddy and Bean are outside. Everything is so still and peaceful. Mommy decides that she has to make this campout work.

Mommy: (Back outside she gives Daddy his book and also hands him a beer) “Here, drink this. You better not come back in because it will upset the dog and wake up Goobs. Here is your phone. If you need anything, call me. But don't come in, unless it is an emergency. If anyone has to tinkle, you can just go behind the shed."

Daddy: (Looks at Mommy very suspiciously) "Am I being played here? Was this a set up?"

Mommy: (Hoping he is buying it) "No! Bean wanted to camp out. Really. Now, have fun.”

Mommy kisses everyone and says goodnight. She goes inside, loads a chick flick on the Roku and watches the entire thing, uninterrupted. Then she takes a bath, reads her book and goes to sleep. Alone.
The next morning, Mommy comes downstairs at 7 am. Daddy and Bean have just come in.

Mommy: "How was it? Did he sleep well?"

Daddy: "He slept fine. Like a rock. Which is about how comfortable the ground is out there. I hope you enjoyed the bed last night."

Mommy: "I did. Very much. Thank you."

Daddy: "So, you can tell me now, did I get played?"

Mommy: "Maybe a little. But you had fun right?"

Daddy: (Not wanting to admit it because then he can't hold anything over Mommy's head) "Yeah, we had a great time actually. He was really cute and kept saying that he loved me and that I was the best Daddy in the world."

Mommy: "Yep, you definitely got played."

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