tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

* today i received 5 sweet little cooper birds in the mail. what a wonderful surprise. and yes i will take members of coopers flock as long as people want to make them.

* i put some notecards up in the etsy shop yesterday. they would make perfect stocking stuffers.

* i think that i am going to have an outy belly button by the time the bean arrives.

*wishing it would snow.

*not to brag, ok i am bragging, i have finished all my holiday gift crafting.

* i am in the midst of making the bean's quilt. i love it and cant wait to show you.

*my body constantly craves orange juice. hmmm... whats that about?

* i am having really really strange pregnancy dreams.

* pregnancy is making me tired. i was out of breathe walking up the stairs. the exhaustion seems to be kicking in earlier this time around. and it is getting difficult to bend over.

* loving the new season of friday night lights.

* am on a bit of emotional roller coaster lately. i know its because next week would have been cooper's 1st birthday.

* my new sewing machine should arrive this week.


  1. I haven't taken time to comment this week, butstill take time to read and to rejoice with you. Your 'Cooper's Book' will be a lifetime treasure.
    Can't wait to see 'Bean's' quilt!!
    We hold you in our hearts in the week of Cooper's birth.

  2. No fair, you have DirecTV. I wanna watch the new season of friday night lights.
    But I still love you, just don't spoil anything over Christmas!!