a good read

Saturday, November 7, 2009

a few weeks ago, marta and summer, wrote about this book,
rules for my unborn son, by walker lamond. lamond wrote this
book as a way to preserve the words of wisdom, bits of advice
and rules that his father told him while growing up, while at the
same time adding a modern day twist.
incidentally, his first son was born shortly after he finished
writing the book.

i was intrigued and thought it would be a good to buy for the
bean's room (it would also make a great baby shower gift).
my precious husband i and stood in the garage,
flipping through the book,
laughing, debating and agreeing with lamond's rules for his unborn son.

these are some of my favorites:

* yes ma' am. no sir. no exceptions.
* make a hipsters day. donate old clothes to charity.
* sit in front of the classroom.
* remember the girl you are with is somebody's sister. and he is
perfectly capable of kicking your ass.
* don't underestimate your fertility.
* let napping dad's lie.
* dont date the bartender.
* when fishing, practice catch and release.
* until you are a doctor, never answer your phone at the table.
* nothing is more important than family.

this is a great book. it has tidbits that we can all benefit from, i cant
wait to share it with the bean.


  1. Even when you are a Dr.... Never answer the phone at the table...Remember family ALWAYS comes first...XOXO

  2. lucinda, i am so so happy to hear that you and your man are loving the book. isn't it terribly clever? and more than that, i was overjoyed to be refreshed with your amazing story on marta's blog today and am now here to offer you heartfelt congrats on expecting another little one! woohoo!

    all my best,