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Monday, November 30, 2009

this past saturday i went to the second storie indie market, not that i needed to buy anything, but i wanted to check it out and support handmade.

i was really impressed with the quality of work. i did buy a few items, but resisted the urge to purchase anything for myself. it was tempting since all of my holiday gifts are finished.

i bought this darling poster for the bean's room. and bought a few gifts for loved ones. my mom just had back surgery so i am her elf this holiday season.

i collected a large stack of cards. here are some of my favorite finds.

**letter press cards by pearlmarmalade. i am particularly fond of this one.

**letter press posters by inkandwit.

** vintage fabric buttons by secret pocket.

** quilted ring by smallbird.

i heart handmade!

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