the beans room

Thursday, November 5, 2009

i have designed the beans room a million times in my head, if truth be told, before i even got pregnant i would imagine what i wanted it to look and feel like. i knew that i would be using the same furniture and the paint colors would stay the same ( my precious husband has painted almost every wall in this house in the last 2 years and i couldn't ask him to paint again!) the challenge was to create a new space with new energy.

it is starting to take shape and i like the direction it is going. no, i haven't started to put the room together, but i have started gathering things. yesterday the crib bedding came. and i have to admit i am in love

i have also acquired all the fabric for the quilt i am going to make for the bean. he is going to have a quilt and a knit blanket ( wait till you see the colors of his blanket). i am crazy about this fabric. now to figure out what pattern i am going to make up for his quilt. i have to get this to the quilter by mid-december.

i am looking forward to sharing my design ideas for the beans room, as it comes together.

stay tuned......


  1. Crazy Mom Quilts ( has a really neat "Ragged Squares Quilt" that I really liked. It was the first quilt I ever made, and the quilting is easy enough that if you can sew a straight line, you could actually quilt it yourself. And it's perfect for a crib size quilt. There are also photos on my blog of the one I made for Elena over the summer.

    Can't wait to see what else you have planned for Bean's room. Decorating is so much fun!


  2. I love the bean's color theme! That crib bedding is adorable. Can't wait to see his homemade blankets!

  3. Love the crib bedding you chose - what fantastic colors! Can't wait to see the quilt and knit blanket.

  4. Great colors! Lukes room is brown with orange and green, with a bit of blue! Hope all is well

  5. Love your fabrics and the colors! :-) Did you notice in the placement of the fabrics the appearance of a happy face? Two star eyes and half an orange circle for a happy smile. Cute. Maybe you could incorporate that in your quilt and Bean would always have happy faces smiling at him. :-)