Tuesday, November 3, 2009

some random tidbits for you today....

* my mom and one of her oldest friends left today after a week long visit. we had a great time.
* the bean got lots of goodies this week.
* i made a huge technology leap... a new macbook pro AND an iphone.... i think i am in technology overload.
* my mom taught me how to sew on binding.
* i ordered a new sewing machine which will be here in a week. cant wait!
* we went to niagara falls.

* there are holiday placemats in the etsy shop. they are sure to bring holiday cheer.
* the bean is kicking like crazy these days.
* i got the swine flu shot today and feel like i am now protected from the pig germs.
* we attempted to take a holiday card pic this weekend. this one is NOT the one we will be using.

* there is way too much halloween candy left in the house, maybe that is why the bean in wild. sugar overload.
* and finally, i hope you are having a good day!


  1. *we are now technology twins
    *binding is o so fun
    *i can't wait to see your new sewing machine. i'm dying to know what one what one what one?!?!
    *i like your hair cut :-)

  2. Congrats on : Kicks, Vaccines, Apples (The tech variety), and Bindings! Whoot!!

    Exciting news...and glad all is well!


  3. It is so good to hear your joy; glad you got The Shot. And isn't it wonderful now that your pregnancy is far enough along that 'baby Bean' can reassure you that he is a really busy guy?

  4. I, too, am anxious to learn which sewing machine you chose! Did your mom teach you to sew the binding by hand or by machine? Nothing like a mom!! :-) And soon you will be the mom to another adorable little boy! :-)