tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

* today i met baby riley, who was born early this morning. he is perfection.

* my heart ached for cooper and soared with joy at the thought of meeting the bean.

* the bean got some cute clothes in the mail from zutano.

* i made some more holiday patchwork napkins today. i do love them so.

*last night, i got really mad that cooper died.

* my c-section date was scheduled today. february 22, 2010. it seems so far away.

* the doctor who delivered cooper will do the c-section, as well as my obgyn, who is coming in on her day off! i am happy to be part of such an amazing practice.

* still loving my iphone, although it is a bit like crack.

* have one more gift to make and then i am done with my holiday shopping.

* then comes my favorite part, picking out wrapping paper at target!

* the bean is still very active. i think he has his days and nights mixed up.

* in 17 days cooper would have been a year old. i don't really know what to expect in terms of my emotions.

* all in all life is good.


  1. There is not much to say that can comfort you as you face Cooper's birthday. One never forgets the important days, but that in itself affirms his 'realness', no matter how many years go by. I am so happy that you have his little brother...that will help
    Love & support, Dee

  2. We never know why something happens but that we learn from it in the process...