a blanket for the bean

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

i have never been a fan of garter stitch, so i was a little skeptical when i found this pattern on the purl bee. but i was in love with the yarn, specifically the colors. i carried alchemy yarns in the yarn shop for a short time and knew that their product was exceptional. i hemmed and hawed because the price was, well expensive for a baby blanket. but those colors kept calling to me. and the yarn is washable, a definite plus for a baby blanket. so i bit the bullet and placed my order.

anything for the bean, right?

i had no idea garter stitch could be so luxurious. its soft and squishy, has great stitch definition and those colors are even better in person. this pattern may be my new favorite baby blanket pattern. it looks great with the bedding that i picked out and cant wait till all the little creative details i have planned for the nursery come together.

i think that the bean will love his blanket.


  1. That blanket is beautiful - with the right yarn, garter stitch can really work it, huh?

  2. um if the bean doesnt love it I LOVE IT (haha) of course he will love it, I have no idea what youre talking about in the post since I cant crochet/knit to save my life!

  3. I could not agree more...anything for the bean....XOXO

  4. makes me want to order more yarn and do one again! I still cant believe mine is lost :( Hope all is well, baby kate is doing wonderful and she is so beautiful!