wearing shades

Thursday, January 14, 2010

i have a thing for sunglasses. they bring out my inner celebrity. there is something about a fabulous pair of sunglasses that can make you feel like a rock star, even if you are simply going grocery shopping.

unfortunately, like many things in my life, i have expensive taste in sunglasses. and not to be a brand whore, but prada sunglasses are my eye accessory of choice. ok, who i am kidding, i am a bit a of brand whore. i have two pairs, one i bought several years ago, i think i used grocery money, because i had to have them (don't worry i was single and could afford to skip a few meals) and the second pair i got a few summers ago in greece ( they are much cheaper in europe, even with the awful exchange rate). i love both pairs equally. and would like to add this pair to my little sunglasses family.

today, for the first time this year, i wore my sunglasses because the sun was out and it was bright (the grey skies have returned). when you live in a place where the winters are long and grey you rejoice when you have to wear your sunglasses. it is a happy day when the sun glares into your eyes off the white snow. and somehow, when the sun is shining the cold does not seem so bad. and for a brief moment i was a rock star, or at least i was in my head.


  1. i've never commented before (at least i don't think i have), but i totally know what you mean. i spent my first paycheck on a pair of Dior sunglasses and love them. i feel super cool wearing them!

  2. i have never purchased sunglasses that cost more than $10. Sad, I know. I look silly in sunglasses. Maybe if I tried the nice ones I could find some that fit my face. ;)