cooking adventures

Monday, January 11, 2010

i have this memory from my childhood, of standing around the island in our kitchen and watching my mom cook dinner on a nightly basis. my mom loves to cook and is a very good one. my parents often had dinner parties and the holidays always consisted of friends, family and food.

so it is no surprise to me that i inherited her love of cooking, which goes hand in hand with good food and good wine. oh, how i cant wait to have a big glass of red wine after the bean is born, but i digress. i love read cookbooks and i plan out a dinner menu for precious husband and i each week. i try very hard not to cook the same thing over and over, but we do have some favorites that make it into the rotation every couple of weeks.

saturday night i met up with some of my girlfriends for a night of food, friendship and conversation. we have gathered over meals for a few years now, and while the makeup of the group has shifted over time, the theme is the same: make something you have not made before. i volunteered to make an appetizer and saw a recipe for beef empanadas in the holiday issue of real simple. they looked tasty and seemed easy enough.

so saturday afternoon, i set about the task of empanada making. i followed the recipe for the most part, but did add some chopped up sweet potatoes that i had leftover from the previous night. i had a bit of a size issue, the recipe called for a 2.5 inch round cookie cutter, which i found to be too small and tedious when assembling. so i opted for a larger size, i actually used a large cup as my cookie cutter. once i started making them bigger it was much easier.

the empanadas were a hit at dinner that evening and we had the leftovers yesterday while watching football. i will be making these again in the future. and better yet, i think they looked as good as they tasted.....


  1. Those look so good! How did you make the sweet potato risotto? -
    I guess that's why you had leftovers there. I still read cookbooks but
    am not as adventurous now just cooking for one. I still like to eat though! I hope all is well. Not too much longer until your little bean
    is here. My Bean will be 35 in a month!!

    Sunny Gayle

  2. I would like to order 2 dozen empanadas & 4 lasagna's! make it snappy now

  3. How about a recipe? Sounds really good!
    Love, Kay

  4. Yum! Did I ever tell you that it was empanadas that converted me from being a 5-year vegetarian to going back to meat? -- I couldn't pass the empanada stand on a trip to Venezuela. Yours look even better!!!!

  5. yes, please share that recipe!

  6. They were the best!! Love, Alicia