weekend baking

Sunday, January 31, 2010

i had the urge to bake both days this weekend. i am chalking it up to the nesting instincts kicking in, which means that the bean is on his way. well, not at the moment, but in the next 3 weeks. there are a plethora of cooking blogs on the internet, way too many for me to follow. but there are two that i do follow smitten kitchen and rookie cookie. i found the recipes for both of my baking adventures this weekend from these two blogs.

the photo above is rookie cookie's recipe for banana muffins. see, i am trying something other than cookies. i had some bananas that were, well a little too brown for my liking, so i thought i would use them for muffins. these were very easy to make, and taste great. not an overwhelming flavor of banana nor are they too sweet. it does make 24 muffins, great for freezing or company. i told precious husband we should freeze some and his reply was "don't worry, they wont last long." i guess they passed his taste test.

i think there are is no better combination than peanut butter and chocolate, so when i saw the recipe for peanut butter and chocolate cookies, adapted from a recipe from magnolia bakery in nyc, on smitten kitchen, i was well smitten. these are divine! chunky peanut butter, peanut butter chip, and chocolate chips, whats not to love! they are definitely keepers.

precious husband is very focused on getting every last bit of dough out of the bowl, which he then promptly put in his mouth.

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