Saturday, January 16, 2010

no, this is not a post about how my skin has stretched beyond comprehension, during the final weeks of pregnancy, so you can breathe a sigh of relief.

it is a post about in the last two days i have stretched my sewing skills.

up until recently, i have been fairly comfortable with sewing in straight lines. in fact, i have become quite proficient at sewing in straight lines and have been perfectly content letting someone else quilt the 4 quilts that i have managed to make since june.

but i got this design idea in my head, and it has my brain working on over time. i cant share it yet, as it is not perfected, but not to worry, its almost there. being the perfectionist that i am this idea has implored me to the following in the last 48 hours.

** buy a darning foot for my machine, so that i can attempt to free motion quilt.

** learn how to make a button hole on my machine.

** teach myself how to sew in a zipper.

** and become acquainted with the fancy stitches on my machine.

by last night my brain was on over load and i realized that free motion quilting is really hard, sewing in zippers is not as scary as i thought it would be and technology/ electronics really suck sometimes. my machine and i had a knock down drag out fight over the button holes. i finally won. and that despite my frustration yesterday, i am proud of myself for pressing on and figuring it out. it will serve my creative mind well.

now, i have to get back to that design idea......


  1. Bravo for a person who sews...those things ARE scary...but not as scary as never trying...Once you have opens a whole new world...zippers never seemed to be as close as I wanted them to be...but it sounds like you have way passed your Mom with ALL talents....and I am glad you are not writing about baby stretchs....XOXO Mom

  2. Lucinda; you are a wonder, and I know you are going to be a wonderful Mom! Here you are almost 9 months pregnant, busy creatively, learning new things, moving forward,I can't tell you how impressed I am. Never let that get lost in the midst of being a Mom!!!!!!!

  3. I'm afraid of free-motion, too. Which is precisely why each of the four quilts I've made have been quilted using a straight line pattern (namely squares). Good job stretching yourself. I can't wait to see what it is you're coming up with!

  4. Hiya! Do you have any blogging skills or this is a completely natural talent? Waiting forward to hear from you.