its official

Monday, January 18, 2010

i believe you can never have too many tubes of lip gloss.

i used to be a lipstick girl, back when i was teaching and had a regular 9-4 job. i would collect different shades of "stick," as i called it. i am not sure why i loved it so, maybe because i didn't have to reapply a million times during the course of the day. or maybe it made me feel older. or more sophisticated. we had a pretty good run, my lipstick and i. and then one day, we just stopped talking and needing each other.

ok, lets be honest. i cheated. i discovered stila lip glaze and was in love. it was an instant love affair. i was drawn in by the packaging, the colors, and the way it sparkled on my lips. with names like plum fairy and pinkle twinkle whats not to love?

so its official, i am now and forever a lip gloss girl. i don't think i even own a tube of lipstick anymore. lip gloss has the power to make me feel younger, not so made up and it has the ability to change my attitude about myself.

tell me, are you a lipstick girl or a lip gloss girl?


  1. Definitely a lip gloss girl/woman! I've never used the Stila lip glazes, but I think I have 15 Bobbi Brown glosses in my drawer right now. MAC and Kiehl's glosses are also very nice.

  2. I always wonder what kinds of chemicals are in those things that women are basically putting in their mouths? I don't use either lip gloss or lipstick because of that, don't want lead etc. on my lips. I use ecolips beefree lemon lime lip balm.

  3. Gloss. 110%. Shiny. Dewey. And, well, glossy. And it doesn't highlight my lip chapping or cracking that is unavoidable during a Minnesota winter! Lipstick really tends to just sit in the cracks and can make a girl look just awful.

    So yeah. Gloss. With a capital G. ;)

  4. Agree with mrspelton - as another Minnesota dweller, lip gloss hides the yuckiness of cold dry winter. Plus, sparkly!