tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

**its snowing here, again!

**i am trying to be as productive as i can in the creative department over the next 6 weeks.

** this means i am knitting and sewing like crazy, trying to turn my ideas into actual items.

** i had the "come a parts" last night, the bean was brutal and i was being a wimp.

**sometimes, this waiting for his arrival makes me feel unproductive.

** precious husband told me i am productive, like a crockpot, slowly cooking the bean till he is ready.

** hmmmmmm....

**winters are weird, because we are both home.

** precious husband gets 12 weeks of paid vaca in the winter.

** so the days blur together.

** after finishing all 5 seasons of the wire, we started the shield this week.

**it's homemade pizza night. precious husband is the pizza maker.

**back to sewing... working out a new design for the etsy shop.


  1. 12 weeks of paid vacation sounds like a dream! I'm also jealous of your snow.

  2. How do I get your husband's job? 12 weeks???? What does he do, may I boldly ask?!

  3. And I have to ask: how much more productive/creative can you be than to be pregnant and about to bring new life into the world?? I like your husband's likeness to a crockpot! Dee