dreaming of a national championship

Thursday, January 7, 2010

my parents great pyrenees bella with her longhorn stuffed animal

so, tonight is a big night. in case you don't follow college football, its the bcs national championship game between the texas longhorns and the alabama crimson tide. while i am excited about the big game, i am also sad, because this game signals the end of the college football season.

my family is nervous about the game. texas is the underdog. a number of people in the college football world feel texas doesn't have a chance and some don't think they should be in the big dance at all. and there is the report that oklahoma coach bob stoops was a "special guest" at an alabama practice. whats that all about? there will be alot of pacing and nail biting in my family tonight, spanning from the south all the way to alaska.

my brothers and dad were at the game 5 years ago when texas beat usc, and they are all wearing the same outfit they wore then, for good luck. and me, well i am watching the game with the same friends i did in 2005, although we will be at our house, instead of a bar. they have a newborn and the thought of being 8 months pregnant in a bar, is well exhausting. hopefully, the stars will align one more time for the horns.

the only one who doesn't seem to be nervous is bella.

hook em horns!


  1. Watched the game...cheered for Texas..I think they did pretty great...more importantly, how is Colt McCoy??