practice, practice, practice

Thursday, January 21, 2010

practice makes perfect, the saying goes. and after all the practice, i think i finally got it. got what you ask? well, a quilted kindle cover.

my mom has a kindle, she loves her kindle, and i thought it be fantastic if she had a stylish travel cover for her kindle. instead of the boring black one she has. little did i know, what a creative journey i would travel down on my quest for the perfect kindle cover. the above picture is all my different attempts, envelope style, clutch, velcro closures, button hole closures, and zipper installation.

i finally settled on a quilted cover with a zipper closure. its perfect for the kindle, but also for ipods, cameras or anything else that needs a whimsical bag to call home. i loved this creative exercise because it forced me to try new things and become more comfortable with my sewing machine. it has also allowed me to experiment with color, fabric, and machine quilting. i have become quite proficient at quilting wavy lines, next up swirls. and i have been able to work through some of my fabric stash and use scraps, which allows me to buy more fabric, guilt free. you see the pattern here, right?

now, on to more sewing......

**i love this little frog

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  1. cute. cute. i adore the fabrics you choose. like that line with the mermaids. super adorable. if you ever see the material bikes with cute baskets & polka dots (i think it's in the same creator / line as the mermaids and fish).. let me know!