lots of cashmere

Saturday, January 2, 2010

during my time in santa fe, i managed to knit two new hats for myself. i found both patterns on the purlbee and both are knit using jade sapphire cashmere. i think my hand are now forever spoiled. ( side note, cooper LOVED cashmere. we will see if the bean does as well.)

the first hat is called simple pleasures hat. it is knit using jade sapphire cashmere and silk, along with rowan kid silk haze. i have loved wearing this hat. it is lightweight and super warm, and better yet it doesn't give you hat head.

the second hat is called the dimple hat. it is knit with the jade sapphire 6 ply cashmere. it is a more refined look and fits more like a skull cap. i absolutely love the color of the yarn. the stitch pattern looks complicated, but once you get into a rhythm its all good.

i do love knitting with cashmere, if only it didn't cost so much, but these are great projects that don't break the bank. and were a nice indulgence for someone who has 7 more weeks of being pregnant.

next up..... a couple of hats for the bean.


  1. I'm curious (from a non-knitter) how much would it cost for the cashmere yarn for caps like those. I've thought about this when I read your posts about the time plus the cost of these projects.

  2. your belly is adorable....and those hats!