bean's room... the artwork

Saturday, January 30, 2010

here is your second peak into the bean's room. when i started thinking about how i wanted to transform the nursery, i knew i wanted to have the walls full of artwork. we did not have artwork on the walls for cooper, not sure why, and filling the walls with fun, whimsical art would help to make the space new and different. i spent alot of time online searching for the perfect prints. the goal was to find pieces that were kid friendly but sophisticated at the same time. prints that could grow with the bean.

the classic story of the tortoise and the hare with a modern twist by ink and wit

the giraffe ( seen here) and the snail (in the first picture) can be found here. and the "c is for chatterbox" print is from this great shop.

these two prints are from olli and lime, the place where i purchased the bedding. i couldn't resist these.

there is one more piece of artwork, perhaps my favorite, but i cant show you until the bean is born. it has his name on it, but i can tell you that it came from this shop.

and if you are observant, you will notice that i did give you the bean's initials. only 3 more weeks till you know his name.


  1. super 'd duper cute. you find such fun etsy shops, i love the hip and modern look of your whole nursery. really well done!

    p.s. am dying to know this li'l one's name.

  2. hehe ... i feel like a top secret spy knowing his name :0)

  3. Cute. Hip. It's so you. Can't wait to see more. And to find out if my guess for his name is correct!! :)