musings on pregnancy

Friday, January 8, 2010

i am not one who "does" pregnancy well. don't get me wrong, i am thrilled about the bean and about being a parent. i am acutely aware of how fertile i am and the ease with which i can conceive. but i don't like being pregnant. i see it as a means to an end.

i have heard so many women say that they love being pregnant. to be honest, i don't get what all the fuss is about and quite frankly i think its all a load of shit, like they feel bad if they say they don't like being pregnant.

lets face it , besides the mere fact that we as a race can procreate, there is nothing really wonderful about being pregnant.

** you spend the first several months feeling like you are on a permanent hangover, except you cant have a drink to take the edge off. or you are hugging the toilet and puking your guts out. either way it is not a pretty sight.

**women rave about their hair during pregnancy. well i have news, if you are blessed with a thick head of hair, pregnancy makes it unbearable. i have the constant urge to cut it all off, fortunately, my hair dresser knows better than to go down that path. i guess that's why he gets paid the big bucks.

**lets talk fashion. yes, maternity clothes have come along way, but fashionable clothes come with a hefty price tag. and who wants to pay a small fortune on clothes that you wear for a few months. so, you splurge on a couple of outfits, and by the time the baby comes you are ready to burn them all because you cant stand the sight of yourself wearing them. seriously, i can not wait to get rid of maternity clothes.

**and tell me what is pleasant about having a small gremlin take over your body? it is not fun, pleasant or exciting to have someone punch your crotch all day long.

**or how about waking up in the middle of the night with a wet shirt because your boobs have leaked.

** or you cant bend over to put on your winter boots or tie your shoes without help.

** and don't even get me started on hormones and the effect they have on your body or emotional state. one minute you love your husband because of what you created together and the next minute you cant stand him for getting you knocked up and are telling him to look into getting snipped as soon as you deliver this baby. ahhh, hormones.

and women say they "love" being pregnant. really? thankfully, none of my friends share that sentiment and we can commiserate together. i am very excited about meeting the bean, but i think that i am equally as excited about his arrival marking the end of my pregnancy.

then comes the fun part, losing the baby weight......good times......


  1. I think there are a few different types of women who love being pregnant, but there's one specific type I want to be: the pregnant woman who suffers no morning sickness, looks great pregnant, and only has to deal with a little bit of discomfort and incontinence when she is finally near ready to burst.

    If I succeed in being *that* pregnant woman (ha! as if I had any control over that...), I promise I will not rub your face in it. If I don't, I'll let you laugh at me (but not until after the hormones are done making me crazy--safety first, you know).

  2. I so understand. i didn't have morning sickness but bad skin, sore joints and many other uncomfortable symptoms, hating most everything about it except the miracle of the growing baby:) People don't believe me when I say that I never like being pregnant or giving birth because I have 5 kids.
    Hang in there, you are most of the way to meeting your baby:) That is the only part that makes the whole pregnancy, labour and delivery bearable.
    For me, breastfeeding was the miracle for losing that baby weight.

  3. I could not have said it better. Amen. I heart you. And agree completely!!!

  4. I read this and I could swear you were talking about me. I never liked being pregnant. I was always soo uncomfortable and sick and mean. I didn't start to feel ok with the baby until 3 or 4 mounths old. i am graftfull though that my labors were only 6-8 hours long with only 3-4 pushes. But the down side to that is the epideral not working all the way and the tearing and then the stitching. I love my girls with my whole heart, but also am glad I can not have any more.

  5. Ok luc, i guess i am the only one who feels a bit different. i do agree about the hormones, this was my biggest challege and even so after the babies were born. but i have to say the good out weighted the not so good. maybe its the face that i am all done and will never have that feeling again. the feeling you are so special, so fortunate to hold something so close(even if it is punching on your crotch :)something so exciting to come that you just cant imagine. oh well, thought i would give my side. oh and if you asked my husband he would probally say i wasn't that plesant. comfort to you in the next few weeks!

  6. The toughest part, by far, is the first trimester. Oh my god! It's like your whole body has been taken over by this unseen eee-vil force that makes you tired, queasy, nauseated, uncomfortable, starving but lacking in any appetite, and grouchy until the sweet relief of the second trimester is bestowed upon you (and for me that didn't even come until 18 weeks!! ahh!) The third trimester is all about inconvenience, toilet troubles, soreness, insomnia, and sheer size!

    The weirdest part for me (in the beginning) was not totally believing that there was a bean in there for the first 8 weeks (until we got the initial ultrasound and SAW it for ourselves). I swear, if I hadn't taken forty-five home pregnancy tests in two weeks, I would have thought that I was dying from some new exotic illness that was basically like a 12-week mutation of the 24-hour stomach virus that takes over your entire life, your stomach, your bathroom, and your sleep. I feel guilty for asking myself this that whole time: "Is this really worth it?!?!" It was really *that* bad for me. Everyday was a constant struggle to compose myself, to focus, and to do just the simple things. And don't even get me started on food and nausea. The WORST!

    So you are most definitely NOT alone in this. I've only known ONE woman who enjoyed her entire pregnancy, but she obviously had some kind of deal with the devil: she had absolutely no morning sickness, she lost every ounce she gained within six months after the birth, she had a 9-hour natural labor, her skin cleared up, her hair got naturally lighter, and she was never constipated. I love her and everything, but I secretly hate her :) I only felt "okay" from weeks 18-34. I was also two weeks overdue, so weeks 34-42 were a total nightmare. Yup, lots of fun for me. I swore I thought my son was trying to kill me. He came out after 22 hours -- 9lbs 2oz, and craploads of hair!

    I'm just a lurker -- love your blog! You should consider selling that striped baby blanket that you posted hanging on a tree, and that recent baby sweater you knitted on Etsy. I'd seriously buy both!

    Good luck with your remaining pregnancy weeks, and with your c-section! Hope your son is healthy and happy! Post lots of pics! :)