2 for 1

Thursday, January 28, 2010

i am not found of writing on onesies or bibs for wee ones. sayings like "grandma loves me" or "what happens at grandma's stays at grandmas'" or "mommy's little cutie" or "here comes trouble" or........ i could go on and on about the sayings that companies put on baby clothing and accessories that make me cringe. seriously, it make my skin crawl. just because babies are cute, small and snugly doesn't mean they cant have some style. i know some people like it or they wouldnt make them, but its not my thing.

that being said, i am very picky about what i buy for the bean, but don't feel bad for him, he has a plethora of clothes and will be a very well dressed child or at least while i have control over it. i was this way with cooper as well, but did let some things slide. this time, not so much.

as you know, i needed another project, so i decided to make some bibs for him. i am not ready to commit to another quilt. i do; however, have some ideas brewing in my head for a new quilt. and it seems that my brother would also like one. but for now, i am making bibs. they were simple enough and very quick to make up. and my brain started turning in the middle of the night of how i can make these my own and put them up in the shop. that is what i am working on today. better yet, i figured out how to install snaps, with a little help for precious husband.

this bib is my favorite of the bunch. it was made with a left over log cabin square from the bean's quilt. so you have a sneak peak of what his quilt will look like, or at least the fabric i used. it should be finished this week, so stay tuned...


  1. Can. Not. Wait!! Love them! You are amazing.


  2. These are awesome!!! Great job Lucinda. Love, Alicia

  3. can you make these for dogs, so that I can catch the slobber!