thoughts on baking

Sunday, January 17, 2010

generally speaking, i do not like to bake. i feel like the precise nature of baking stifles my exploration of flavors, i much prefer to cook. i can add and subtract flavors and i do not have to follow a recipe exactly, its more of a guide or road map.

i also do not bake because i do not like having sweets in the house, for the simple fact that i have no self control and am liable to eat all 4 dozen cookies in one afternoon.

however, my precious husband loves sweets. now i need to explain that when we met he did not need or want dessert every night. this changed when i was pregnant with cooper. he began asking every night what was for dessert or if we had anything sweet in the house? ( i don't buy sweets either). his craving for sweets at night has remained.

for the past two sundays i have felt the urge to make cookies, maybe its that nesting urge kicking in or maybe its because it makes precious husband so happy. after all, he has been cooking, doing laundry, and cleaning since he has been off work (ok, he always cleans, but i am very thankful i don't have to). i have stuck with cookie making, last week chocolate peanut chip and this week oatmeal butterscotch chip, nothing too fancy. and they are not all the same size or color. some are a little more crisp than others. but.....i have already eaten way too many cookies for one day.

which do you prefer cooking or baking?


  1. My vote is with baking. Though I do agree with your "road map" analogy. Maybe I like the precision of baking. As if somehow I'm less likely to ruin whatever it is I'm trying to make. I am starting to experiment more with cooking, so in a year my answer could be different!

    I have no self control, either. :)

    so I'm currently cooking more than I'm baking!! :)

  2. Definitely I prefer baking.....with chocolate a major ingredient! I have no self control, either, so it doesn't happen very often.

  3. I have to give equal vote to both..."undecided" I guess. I love the exact nature of baking and the almost mistake proof results you get when you follow the directions. BUT I love the creativeness of looking in my pantry/freezer/refrigerator and thinking of all the things I could make for dinner.

  4. oh sakes i have the BEST cookie recipe for you to try - - for serious its amazeballs ... YOU NEED IT ... here is the link to it (its the rolo cookies)


  5. Baking. Although, cooking is very centering too. As you know, sis, my sweettooth is pretty extreme (i get it from mom). But beyond cookies and such, baking bread is a wonderful activity as well.

  6. I WAY prefer baking to cooking for the exact same reasons you prefer to cook. I like a recipe, something I can follow with ease. It must be the engineer in me. I like exact measurements. Fortunately, my husband is like you. He prefers to cook (without a recipe) and thus we make a good team. Except for the times when he makes the *perfect* meal that can't ever be replicated exactly.