sunday baking

Sunday, January 24, 2010

for the third sunday in a row i made cookies, seems as if sunday baking has become part of our sunday ritual, along with pancakes( made by precious husband) and walking the dogs. although, i suspect that once the bean is here i wont be baking much, and will need to refrain from cookie eating.

last week, darling alyssa, sent me a link for this rolo cookie recipe. she gave it rave reviews, so i thought i would give it a try. it was a little more time consuming than the past two weeks' recipes, but these cookies are delicious!

inside each little round ball of chocolate dough is a rolo.....

which creates another layer of chocolate and a yummy caramel center when baked. seriously, what's not to love. precious husband and i are trying hard not to eat all the cookies today while watching football.


  1. i think i am in love . . .must have that recipe!
    - your choco-holic brother

  2. Thanks...I just gained a pound looking at that final picture! :)