Wednesday, March 24, 2010

for the past two days we have had two incidents of theft here on newberry lane. all iphones, computers, electronics and jewelry are accounted for, but the bean is down two stuffed animals. we do however, know who the thief is, a 130 pound, 4 legged white ball of fluff. yes, b is guilty as charged.

you see great pyrenees love stuffed animals and toys. i can not tell you how many are buried in our back yard. b will dig one up to show us and then rebury it. my parents pyrenees, bella also buries her babies, but she leaves the heads above ground so they can breathe.

you would think that i would notice such a large thief, but he is sneaky.

yesterday he went into the bean's closet and took his new stuffed monkey. he did this while i was in the room, but i was busy with the bean. he then proceeded to bury it in the living room. well, he went through the motions of burying it. we don't have the heart to tell him that we can see it. several hours later he "dug" it up to show me his treasure. i just looked at him and said, "well i guess it is your monkey now."

oh b....

this morning i was downstairs on the computer feeling pretty happy with myself because the bean was napping in his crib for the third morning in a row. when all of a sudden i hear this strange noise coming through the monitor. i hit the video button and all i saw was snow. weird. i listened a little longer and heard the bean, since i could not see him i decided to go upstairs. when i reach the top of the stairs i see b coming out of his room, he had opened the door, and he was nudging the sleepy turtle on the floor. you know the turtle that shows stars on the ceiling, it has a hard shell and a soft head. b had the turtle out on its back and was trying to get it to play with him. he had this wild look in his eye. i picked it up and he started hopping and jumping trying to get it. i had to quickly jump into the nursery and close the door fast, he was on the move. i promptly hid the turtle in the closet where he cant reach it and closed the door. when i let him in, he was looking for it and was most upset that it was gone. needless to say the bean woke up.

oh b.......


  1. That's so funny! Our lab loves the lovies - but he's very gentle with them. He carries them around with a "soft mouth" and cuddles them like babies.

  2. haha cracking up! that is fully our dog ... she 'buries' things all over the house - - i cant tell you how many toys i find in blankets or under the mat in the bathroom - - cracks me up.

  3. That's my boy! No stuffed animal is safe, oh wait, there is one stuffed animal out there that escaped B's mouth, then again I dont think B had much of a dog in the fight! The bean needs a 'wuga'!