never say never

Thursday, March 11, 2010

before i was a parent, i had alot of thoughts and theories about parenting, what i would do and not do, and i was very vocal about them. my mother taught me that saying never was the kiss of death, but i was pretty clear about my parenting thoughts without using the word never.

well, 25 days into this journey of parenthood, i am doing some of the things i didn't think i would ever do. and it is all in the name of sleep.

don't worry, i am not doing anything that requires cps coming in for a home visit. but i am doing things that make life a little easier and allow all of us to sleep. enter exhibit a, letting the bean sleep in our room. we have a hushamok for our room and one for downstairs. he loves it and sleeps while in it. and when the pediatrician said it was fine for him to sleep in it, i breathed a sigh of relief.

enter exhibit b: babywearing. perhaps it seemed a little too hippy and crunchy for my taste. but today, my very own moby wrap arrived in the mail. i tried it on while the bean was sleeping, let me tell you what a sight that was, i got myself all tangled up. i will have precious husband help me later. i think it may make me a little claustrophobic, but if the bean likes it and it allows me to be more productive and him to sleep, so be it.

i am sure that there will be other things that i can add to this list as i continue down this road of parenting. but there are some things that i will not bend on, like letting the bean watch tv before he is 2 years old. but then again, never say never.


  1. Haha! Too funny. My nevers:
    a) baby in room/bed. Elena slept IN bed with us for 13 months, and Stella is in the Arms Reach CoSleeper
    b) No Candy/Cookies/Ice Cream/Sweets before 1. We almost made it. DRL I way to into candy himself. Elena caught wind of it early.
    c) No TV. Until we realized that the only time we heard Elena bogle was watching Baby Einstein videos. And now she gets two 30 minute cartoons each day, at most. Somedays she gets none. But she loves to sing and dance along with Yo Gabba Gabba and Dora and The Wonder Pets.

    It's funny what sleep deprivation will do to a woman!

    And if you don't like the Moby, try the baby K'Tan. I LOVE mine. And it's exactly like the Moby...with less wrapping. Only downside is it's sized so you and precious husband won't be able to share....

    Glad all is well!
    (and it looks like Austin is almost a sure thing. I'm gonna have to start watching UT games now huh???)


  2. my nevers:
    no tv. it if weren't for the tv i would be very smelly from lack of showering and we would all be starved from lack of cooking.

    no sweets: there is one tried and true method to getting a 3 year old to eat vegetables. bribery. plus, since auntie lu lu introduced him to m&m's (ech hem) all tinkles and toot toots are now done on the potty.

    no sleeping in bed with us: just wait until they throw up for the first time. the pathetic look on his face...i couldn't get him in bed with me fast enough. same bed as us is still only for sick and traveling though.

    it's called survival. make no appologies. anyone who has been a parent will not judge you. those who haven't been a parent will judge you, but it will bite them in the ass (just like it did me) when they become parents.

  3. The best advice my mother gave me when I became a mother was to trust my gut. Don't worry what anyone else says or does. What works for you, works for you. A happy Mama makes a happy family. The bean will go off to college one day in spite of watching TV or eating sweets or co-sleeping. Take each day as it comes. Trust yourself.

  4. Your baby is just beautiful! I love checking in with you periodically and seeing how everyone is doing. Although I have never met you personally, I feel like I know you through your writing.

    To echo the statements of the other ladies, TRUST your instincts. I know people gave me advice, which in hindsight was great, but life is all about the process. We have to figure these things out for ourselves, our families. One day, you will be holding your grandchild, smiling down at his or her gorgeous face, listening to your own daughter in law fret over certain things (don't mention a shelf though!) and you will smile and say to her lovingly, "you'll do just fine".

    Happy spring!

  5. Don't underestimate the educational aspect of TV, even at a very young age. Those little minds absorb so much and we, alone, are not able to fill it. Of course, it takes selection and control by you, but I do wish some of these programs were available when my children were little.

  6. Where there is a will there is always a way but you only need to find it..