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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

** i am loving the sun and spring weather we have had the last few days. we have been out walking as a family, two dogs, two adults and a stroller, quite the family.

** last weekend, my mil was amazed that i could give the bean a bottle while standing up. she attributed this feat to my "shelf" and she wasn't referring to my boobs.

** yes, she actually said "i had a "shelf""

** no, i didn't hit her, but the shock and awe look on precious husband's face, just about knocked her over.

** monday i start weight watchers, return to meal planning and stop eating sweets.

**i still suck at swaddling and am counting down the days until the bean doesn't want to be swaddled.

**oh, what a happy day that will be.

** we tried the halo sleep sack with swaddling capabilities. he HATED them.

** its a fine line between being snug and having freedom for the bean. a very fine line.

** have some new sewing ideas bouncing in my head.

** i am going to attempt to work on my brother's quilt today, if the bean cooperates.

** i loved having my parents here for 3 weeks. i was very sad when they left.

** for the first time i wish i didn't live so far away from them.

** i cant wait to see the daffodils we planted at cooper's garden last fall.

** oh, and the week the bean was born. i got a new pair of prada sunglasses, compliments of my mom.

** precious husband said "i squealed like a little girl."

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  1. I too am terrible at the swaddle, luckily the baby will sleep while not too tightly wrapped :)