lessons learned

Sunday, March 7, 2010

** the bean hates mornings. this is no surprise, really, because i am not a fan of mornings. when i owned the yarn shop i didn't open the doors until noon, and would usually sleep until 11. if i could just get the bean to sleep the morning away. i keep telling him that is the key to avoiding the dreaded time. we will keep working on it.

**i discovered the best app for my iPhone, white noise. when the bean is cranky, the sound of the hair dryer seems to calm him. now i can just use the app on my phone, rather than holding a hair dryer in his ear.

**motherhood makes you do things you never saw yourself doing. say like, making up silly words to songs to calm your screaming baby or choreographing a dance at 2 in the morning to get your child to fall asleep. i call that dance the hula, jiggle, pat dance. and no i will not demonstrate it.

**i am learning to trust my instincts, though i doubt them a million times a day. i tell myself that no one knows my baby like, i do. i did carry him for 9 months after all.

**parenting is a privilege, an honor and the opportunity of a lifetime.


  1. He's perfect, Luc.
    Mean it.

  2. The mouth! Oh my gosh...what a true "rosebud" mouth....he's so beautiful. :)