tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

** the spring like weather we were having last week is gone, its cold and rainy again.

** having long hair and a newborn makes you destined to have spit up as your newest hair styling product.

** i am learning to celebrate the small victories, like bean taking a 45 minute nap in his crib two days in a row.

** i can now get dressed at record breaking pace.

** the baby k'tan carrier is really brilliant. bean sleeps like a champ in it.

** and i am able to do things like blog, knit and sew.

** its a win, win.

** watched alot of march madness over the weekend.

** we are routing for cornell on thursday. but they are playing kentucky.

** but anything is possible, that is why its called march madness.

** weight watchers is well weight watchers.

** despite my attempt to keep my diet coke consumption low, it is slowly creeping back up.

** i guess there are worse things.

** poop is still a major topic of daily conversation.

** i am not sure how i feel about that.

** we had the bean's photos taken last friday by this fabulous photog.

** i go look at the proofs on friday.

** cant wait to see them and share them with you.

** there were some awesome moments, which equal awesome pics.

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad things are going well. Every day will be a little different. Today
    I'm getting new floors to go with new sheetrock, paint, ceiling fan, plumbing, hot water heater etc etc after an upstairs toilet seal broke and
    caused major flooding and wreaked havoc 2 1/2 weeks ago. I get on
    a plane tomorrow to see my kids and grandkids! Can't wait for a
    diversion from household trauma.

    Chace is a beautiful baby - I'm so happy for you.