half way there

Sunday, March 21, 2010

my brother L, asked me to make him a queen size quilt for his bed. he wanted something that was urban and modern with shades of black, grey and white. he left the design and color combination up to me. i decided to try a new technique with this quilt, paper pieced string blocks. the final quilt will consist of a combination of solid blocks and string blocks. in order to make this happen, i need to make 40 string blocks.

as of this afternoon, i have 20 more blocks to make. thankfully, i have figured out how to sew these blocks while baby wearing,

this is what each string block will look like when sewn together. i love the way this looks and can definitely see another string block quilt in my future.

stay tuned to see how this quilt progresses.......


  1. Hi, Luc.
    a) I want one.
    b) I'm going to make one.
    c) You're going to help me.

    We'll figure outthe details later. But I'm sure Chace and Stella can entertain each other.


  2. A one of a kind quilt, designed for the authentic metro sexual and his bachelor pad, not to be re-done nor can it. A limited edition if you will! Might have to put it up in a frame!