dear chace

Sunday, March 14, 2010

dear sweet chace,
28 days. its hard to believe that you are one month old.

the past four weeks have been blissful, even if we are sleep deprived. your arrival has made everything right with the world again. we are a family. my heart has mended a little more. and i feel your brother's presence more than ever. he is watching over you i am sure.

you don't like mornings. in fact you seem to hate them, almost as much as you dislike waking up. but you are sleeping in 3 hour blocks at night and for that i am grateful. you seemed to have found your voice and are talking more when you are awake. i love watching you. all the little faces you make, especially when you smirk. your timing is impeccable, you always seem to know when we are talking about you.

the first few weeks were hard for me. you look so much like your brother. and some of your mannerisms are identical. but you have settled into your own little being with your own personality quirks. i recognize so many of them from when you were inside my belly.

your dad goes back to work tomorrow, so it will be you and i during the day. i am looking forward to getting to know you more. in some ways it feels like i have known you all my life and at the same time i am just getting to know you.

i cant even begin to tell you how much i love you, how you have stolen my heart and how you have helped me feel whole again. i am so proud to be your mama. your are my heart.

love you always