tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

** it is absolutely gorgeous outside today.

** bean and i just returned from a long walk.

** why is that cranky babies like to sleep in their car seats?

** and why does letting my cranky baby do this make me feel like a bad mom?

**the daffodils are starting to poke out of the ground.

** but i am not getting too excited, yet. we could still very easily get snow until april.

** i hate daylight savings time. it makes a sleep deprived mom, feel well sleep deprived.

** precious husband went back to work yesterday.

** talk about an adjustment.

** but i did make it to my postpartum dr appt and target without the bean crying.

** again, he was fast asleep in his carseat.

** it is very hard to eat healthy when you have a cranky baby that wants to be held.

** wait its hard to eat at all.

** we are going to take the bean to check on cooper's garden this weekend. it is supposed to be 60!

** i have managed to sew some in the past week. that feels good.

** anxiously awaiting the arrival of the bean's birth announcements. they should be here today.

** i wonder how long it will take to get them addressed?

** if i put the bean in his carseat, i bet i can get them done.

** happy tuesday!


  1. I hope a tad of fussing does not mean that you are a bad mother....if so ...I am terrible...You cried for 9 months STRAIGHT!!!!

  2. don't worry about it. at that age whatever you have to do to keep them happy is worth it. he is still little. heck, i'm pretending i don't see tommy smearing handsoap all over the bathroom wall just to get 10 minutes to read your blog. peace and quite sometimes is worth almost any price.

  3. All 3 of my kids slept for a while in their carseats that I had perched in their bassinets. It didn't look at all like the Pottery Barn baby's rooms, but they slept!

    Ann Hiltner

  4. Oh, honey; my best friend's second son slept the first two months every night in his carseat, he had "tummy troubles" and she didn't want him to upchuck while sleeping flat. He is now 12; turned out just fine. :)

    knitter 39 @ hotmail.com