22 days

Monday, March 8, 2010

today, the bean is 22 days old.

while this is not a remarkable age in terms of newborns, it is a significant number and milestone for me. chace has now lived longer than this brother and i am breathing a sigh of relief. as we move forward on this adventure called parenthood, everything we experience will be new and unique to chace. we can no longer compare our experiences with chace to those we had with cooper.

and this feels good. i feel like a weight has been lifted, both for me and for the bean. he is no longer living in the shadow of his older brother. he still looks like cooper in a lot of ways, but as he grows he will continue to develop into his own person.

nothing could make me happier than to see who becomes.

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  1. Happy 22 day...You are for sure your own sweet self.....XOXO