a glimpse

Friday, March 26, 2010

last night after three attempts to get the bean to go to sleep, i crawled into bed and breathed a sigh of relief when my head hit the pillow. i was off duty, the day was over and sleep was just around the corner.

as i settled in, precious husband, who had been watching the back of his eyelids for some time, snuggled up to me. he then said " did you take your medicine?" i realized he was asleep and i wasn't sure what he was talking about so i replied " yes". he then asked again " you did take your medicine?" i think to myself, what is he talking about. so, i ask, "what medicine?" his response "your grumpy medicine."

what do you think is he trying to tell me?


this morning i am in the nursery trying to get the bean to take a morning nap, which by the way was a complete disaster. after an hour and a half of him falling asleep, me putting him down, him waking up 10 minutes later, i gave up. he is currently in the baby k'tan fighting the need to sleep.
but i digress, while the bean and i were doing our dance, b came in the room and was nosing around. he walks up to the crib, peers inside and starts sniffing the air. he is looking for the bean, i say to myself, how cute. i then notice that the hair behind his ears is starting to stick out, a sure sign that wildness is just around the corner. he is also staring very intently into the corner of the crib and starts to whine. it then dawns on me that he wants the stuffed moose that is in the crib.

i sure hope that the bean picks his blanket to be his "lovey" and not a stuffed animal.