Friday, August 20, 2010

have you noticed the explosion of mascara commercials lately?

they all claim to give you super long, super lush, model like eyelashes.

now i do like makeup, i do not wear alot of it, but i like it. if that makes sense.

i do not like wearing make up in the summer, with the exception of mascara.

for the last couple of year i have been using diorshow black out mascara.

i love it. but i do not love its $24.00 price tag.

this week i fell victim to the glam lash hype.

and bought maybelline's volum express mascara.

it promises to make my eyelashes look like "falsies"

well, i wore "falsies" when i got married

and this doesn't really look like the same thing.

i will continue to use it, but i don't know if i will run out to replace it.

however, i do like the $6.99 price tag.

what kind of mascara do you use?


  1. I must say, the mascara commercials drive me nuts. I sit and wonder if people really think their lashes will suddenly transform into these spider-like lashes with one stroke of the wand. I just use Maybelline in the pink tube-$5!

  2. I am on a perpetual hunt for mascara...I LOVE mascara! I just started using Neutrogena's latest mascara and so far I am liking it...but the jury is still out...but you are better than I, if I don't like it, into the trash it goes!

  3. Imagine...I use the one you talked about...the Maybelline one and i love it...No surprise XOXO

  4. http://www.lancome-usa.com/makeup/mascara/courbe-virtuose.htm

    the one and only..... for me

  5. *runs to check makeup drawer*

  6. That is some expensive mascara....I mentioned the name to my daughter and she said she LOVES the Dior mascara, but as a student in college she can't afford it. She uses Covergirl Lash Blast or something like that in blue/black. Believe it or not, I use Avon blue mascara and love it. It comes off right away with a washcloth and looks good!
    Peggy in NJ

  7. used to use clinique something or other at $24 a tube. now i use whatever i have a coupon for because, let's be honest, i only put it on about once a week anymore.

    now, if you want to talk moisturizes and wrinkle cream, that is what i spend my money on these days. sigh.

  8. Disclaimer here: I'm a Mary Kay consultant, so of course I use ours. :) We have a Lash Lengthening or a Waterproof Mascara, each for $10, and my favorite is the $15 Ultimate Mascara, which adds both thickening and length. Both come in black or black/brown, which is plenty dark enough for most people and really soft. I can't speak to comparisons, obviously, but we do have a guarantee that if you don't like a product, you can exchange it or get your money back. You can't do that with other brands. So you might want to give it a try.....Kay

  9. I used to use Definicils, then Blinc (the one that 'tubes' your lashes), and now I don't wear any because I use Latisse and don't need mascara anymore. All I need is an eyelash curler--seriously!

  10. okay so Im obsessed with my dior mascara but my next try out is going to be blinc ... I heard its amazing!

  11. "NEW Volum' Express the Falsies Washable Mascara"

    that's a looong name! (but a shorter price tag).

    C ravaged my old makeup drawer and has been using my mascara tube as a...microphone. Because it's pink. So I guess I used the pink kind. Might be time to reclaim that. :)