road trip

Sunday, August 8, 2010

saturday we went on a family road trip to ithaca.
we visited cornell, ph's alma mater.
it is a beautiful campus.
i see why he loved it.
lots of green space.
cool architecture.
and its an ivy league school.

this trip was a trial run for our upcoming trip to greece.
ph practiced getting the bob up the stairs.
we repeatedly told the bean 
"we are almost there."
we dined out.
changed diapers in small spaces.
were flexible with the schedule.
and found creative ways to keep chace entertained.

does eating lunch on an ivy league campus increase
your chances of attending an ivy league school?
does it make you smarter?

it was a fun outing.
a nice change of pace.
we survived 
were no worse for wear.
and are looking forward to our 
next family adventure.

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