funny thing

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

a funny thing happens along the course of parenthood. the ability to tune out one's child. to go in a zone. to pretend you are asleep. or you don't hear him screaming. funny thing.

those first weeks of parenthood i jumped at every little sound chace made. now i know the difference between i am just making noise, i am mad, i am hurt, i am hungry and get me the hell out of this crib. funny thing.

chace has been waking up a several points during the night. we have been working on letting him get his little self back to sleep. he thinks he needs to eat. as a wise momma, i know he does not ALWAYS need to eat. funny thing.

last night he woke up at 11. i went in gave him his pacifier, patted him on the back and said goodnight. he did not want to go back to sleep. funny thing.

i tuned him out. then heard ph go in there and do the same thing. then he said to me "its only 11:30." "do not feed him" was my reply. funny thing.

chace continues to make noise over the monitor. by 12 it was a full on scream. we both knew he was not going back to sleep. ph was lying very very still. heavy breathing. i knew he was awake. funny thing.

but i got up and went to chace. it had been an hour and if i wanted to sleep i needed to feed the child. funny thing.

i went downstairs, made a bottle, and watched my son suck it down like he had never eaten before in this life. then he promptly went to sleep. funny thing.

i went back to bed. "how did you do that?" ph asked. "fed him" i mumbled. " how much?" he pondered. "8.5 oz." i mumbled again. ph then says "you should have woken me up. i would have fed him." funny thing.


  1. Funny thing: Elena never ate a bottle over 4 ounces. Stella has only mastered the five ouncer so far.

    Boys are pigs.

    And husbands are sleep mongers.


  2. fake sleeping followed by the "I'd a done it!"

    Double foul, and yet a necessary skill developed in all marriages.

    I use it with dishes, occasional dog walking, and in the way past, diaper changes.

    And I mean it each and every time :)